Inspiration of the Month

9 Nerdy Looks with Wigs - February 2018

I don't know about you but I am a big nerd. But it's kind of a secret. I'm not a die hard gamer, although I do play the odd video game here and there. I do track Comicon, which is coming to Toronto in March! I like to dress up and I feel like "Nerd" is an umbrella word that encompasses so many different looks. 

I'd love to see what kind of Nerd you are? Do you love comics? Do you play video games or are you like me, subjected to a boyfriend that loves gaming and watching Star Wars back to back. I love playing into the geeky side of me. I'm sure he doesn't mind my cute Han Solo ripped tee that I rock to bed. 

Take a selfie in your nerdiest pose and use the hashtag #secretnerd so I can see all you beauties on Instagram! 


Wigs in Winter - January 2018

It's a beautiful snowy day in Toronto, Ontario - a perfect backdrop for a photo shoot! If you take your Instagram game seriously, you know not to waste beautiful moments like these. I grabbed my favourite wigs, put them in a bag, walked up to my boyfriend and said, "Let's get pretty." 

We did a quick shoot with 4 different looks in under an hour! He says it was his amazing camera skills... I'd say it's thanks to the ease and beauty of my wigs! 

Gone are the days of spending hours styling my hair only to get it wet in the snow and have it end up flat and gross. I tested these beauties out in Canada's blustery conditions and when we went back inside, I dusted the snow off my curls and took selfies with my hot chocolate! 

My collection of wigs really pop in this winter weather. They keep my photo shoots short, while gaining maximum content for my social media business.

And that is the kind of beauty convenience I appreciate.